What Makes an Excellent Breathalyzer - Lifeloc Fuel Cell Technology

A good personal or home breathalyzer can pay for itself many times over. Parents use them to help educate and monitor their kids. Party hosts use them to ensure their guests and friends don't leave intoxicated. With the cost of a DUI easily in excess of $10,000 and stiffer drunk driving penalties every year, many are taking much greater personal responsibility in alcohol self-monitoring.

With Breathalyzers You get What You Pay for.

There are two types of consumer breathalyzers available. The less expensive "semiconductor" based models are not to be trusted for serious users. While inexpensive, they are inaccurate and inconsistent from test to test. You never know if they are reading high, low or correctly. This makes them unreliable for anything but novelty devices where the results are just for fun. Semiconductor technology is always used  in mass produced imported breathalyzers sold by many pharmacies, retailers and internet specialty stores.

Choose the Right Technology.
Law Enforcement and professional handheld breathalyzers always use "Platinum Fuel Cell Technology",  a well established and proven alcohol sensing system. The technology was  originally developed for law enforcement where high accuracy and precision is required.  More recently Lifeloc Technologies, the leading manufacturer of professional breathalyzers engineered the technology into affordable consumer models (see www.lifguardbreathtester.com).  Lifeloc did this in response to the many consumer complaints surrounding the inexpensive breathalyzers sold in pharmacies, mass retailers and on-line. These devices use a very different technology for determinig BAC from Law enforcement alcohol testers. The technology called "digital" and "semiconductor" technology was developed to be cheap but it suffers greatly from inaccuracy.

Platinum fuel cell testers respond more precisely and consistently across a wider range of alcohol breath concentrations. They are more reliable and trustworthy. Additionally platinum fuel cell  breathalyzers react only to breath alcohol. S emiconductor devices are affected by smoke, and a variety of other airborne chemicals.

If you're buying a personal breathalyzer for yourself, a family member or friends, the kindest thing you can do is to buy a good one. If you can't afford the price of a platinum fuel cell device then don't buy one at all.

The Lifeloc Law Enforcement Breathalyzer

The FC Series

Lifeloc Technologies is a leading global provider of breath alcohol testers for Law Enforcement.
Our reputation for highly accurate and precise testers is built on 25+ years of law enforcement
experience, patented alcohol sensing  technology and  a commitment to developing
and selling only the very best.

LifeGuard: The Best Personal Breathalyzer

The LifeGuard Personal Breath Tester is the most accurate personal breathalyzer on the market. Manufactured by Lifeloc Technologies in Denver Colorado, LifeGuard was designed and engineered from Lifeloc's 25+ years of Law Enforcement Breath tester experience.

  • Precision Lifeloc fuel cell technology for trustworthy readings and long life.
  • Breath alcohol charting shows if your BAC is rising or falling
  • Exclusive fold-away mouthpiece for personal testing and slip on mouthpieces for testing others.
  • Law Enforcement grade accuracy.
  • Simple two button operation.
  • Smart alerts and icons for ease of use.
  • Responsibly made in USA American
  • FDA cleared. 
LifeGuard is available on-line at www.lifeguardbreathtester.com or by calling us at 1.800.722.4872

LifeGuard Consumer Division
Lifeloc Technologies
Denver, Colorado
email: info@lifeloc.com
phone: 1.800.722.4872
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